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Why Choose Hurricane Sails?

  • Local, Local, Local

  • All Hurricane Sails have and will always be built in the USA

  • Custom sails built specifically for you by Hurricane sailmaker Douglas Van Zandt

  • Designed, Tested and Proudly Handcrafted in the Gorge, USA

  • Optimized for the Gorge conditions

  • Sails that "Live for the Turn"

  • Broadest tuning range of any sail

  • Easily tuned for light and heavy sailors

  • Draft stability unmatched by any wave or bump-n-jump sail

  • Legendary durability

  • Color combinations - hundreds

  • Large vinyl window - forgiveness, smoothness, durability, long term clarity

  • 80% of material manufactured in USA

  • Powerful and playful

  • Efficient - sail on a smaller sail

  • Smooth and quiet rotation even when sail tuned in powerfull setting

  • Twist profile tuned for optimal performance with out flutter

  • Power comes on smoothly  - not on or off; think volume knob versus On/Off switch

  • Use Hood River's own Robichaud Batten System (RBS) custom tapered epoxy battens

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