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The Hurricane Eldorado

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(C) 2022 Hurricane Sails

The Hurricane Eldorado best fits into the "Gorge Wave Sail" category. In essence it is a wave style sail whose characteristics are optimized for the swells and hi-winds of the Columbia River Gorge which are identified below. A Bump and Jump sail or a 5-batten wave sail are other categories that the Eldorado would fit in.

The Eldorado combines the highest quality materials with the design to deliver a sail that:

  • Lives for the Turn

  • Has the largest tuning range of any sail

  • Can be easily tuned to for the 100 lb sailor and the 255 lb sailor and everything in the middle

  • Incredibly maneuverable

  • Delivers smooth rotation even in it’s most powerful setting

  • Is light in hand on the water

  • Exceptionally broad wind range

  • Motors up wind

  • Maintains power and stability when heading off the wind

  • Has a large vinyl window that delivers

    • Long-term visibility

    • Reduces the harshness of chop

    • Forgiveness – the power comes on smoothly like a volume knob  - vs an on/off switch

    • Durability unsurpassed by any material

    • The load strip through the middle of the window keeps the draft stable and locked

All Hurricane sails are, and have been, made in the USA – a claim NO other Gorge windsurf sail lofts can say.

Almost exclusively made out of materials manufactured here in the USA.

The 3.4 through 6.2 have 5-battens and 3.2 and below have 4-battens.

Contact Douglas about building you a custom Hurricane Eldorado.


2024 sail pricing-data.png

Ordering sails and production schedule:

50% deposit required to initiate the order and earn slot in production schedule. Remaining 50% is due when sails are completed. 

Fall 2023 Discounts:

1) Quantity; 1- sail - less 10%, 2-sails less 15%, 3-sails less 20%, 4- or more sails less 25%, 

Note: Quantity discounts are for sails that are all the same color and have no more than three colors. More than three colors is very doable for an additional charge. Special/not in stock colors may be an option, for an additional charge. There may be specific exceptions – please talk to Douglas. Efficiency for the sailmaker means discounts for the sailor. Note - the mast sleeve/luff sock on all Hurricane Sails is black - this does not count as one of the colors mentions above.

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