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Sail Construction Specifications

Douglas has always spec’d the finest materials for all his sails over the years.

Along with building every Hurricane in the USA in Hurricane lofts, he strives to use American made or sourced materials wherever possible.

Dimension-Polyant supplies the different X-Ply film laminate material used throughout the sail, which is manufactured in Putnam, CT.  The two of the X-Ply’s, used above the long batten, are custom laminated exclusively for Hurricane. They also supply a majority of the Dacron luff material as well as the Dacron batten pocket and leech and foot trim material.

The vinyl window material is produced in the Pacific Northwest.

The epoxy battens by Robichaud Batten Systems (RBS) are custom made for each sail to Douglas’ exacting specification in Hood River, OR. The stainless steel buckles at the head of the sail are manufactured in the US.

Sail construction Specifications fall 2022 (v1.0)(reduced v2).jpg
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