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American Made Materials

Every Hurricane Sail ever built has been made in the USA. This has always been very important to me. Tied to that I use, wherever possible, American made products. 

Closest to home are the epoxy battens, which are made by Robichaud Batten Systems (RBS) located in the Hood River Port very close to the event site. 

The epoxy battens currently being used are custom made sets for each sail. I’ve specified the batten lengths, thicknesses, tapers and draft position for each batten in each sail. These epoxy battens are virtually unbreakable.

The X-ply material in the sail is made by Dimension-Polyant in Putnam, CT. Their facility is an hour away from where I grew up and have had the opportunity of visiting the facility numerous times over the last 30-years.

Most of the colored Dacron used for the luff, batten pockets, and trim around the sail comes from Dimension-Polyant as well however it is woven, died and finished at the Polyant production facility in Kempen, Germany that has 55 looms and complete sailcloth finishing and laminating capabilities.

To get a virtual video tour of the german facility click here.

The vinyl window material is made here in the Pacific Northwest.

The webbing, Velcro and buckles are source from distributers across the country.

The two little stainless steel loops attached to the top of the luff sock that the head cap webbing is attached to are custom made for me by a firm I started doing business with back in 1985.

The fabric and parts that I get from overseas comes from there, because it is not available here in the USA or the color selection that is available here in the USA is limited.

I will always try to use as much American made products as possible. 

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