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Douglas Van Zandt's Surf Rigs over the years 

Just for the fun of it. Here are some of the windsurf rigs I've had over the years

1954 VW Bug which was my first car. Picture to right was the first major regatta I attended. The 1979 District 7 Windsurfing championships at 2nd beach in Newport, RI

1961 VW "Panel Bug". I created this in the fall of '79 before heading to ski bum in Vail, CO that winter

'79 Dodge Van

1971 Datsun 510 that had been stripped out to be an Autocross car before I got it. I then installed a full suspension kit, the 1.6 ltr 4-speed drive train was replaced with a 2.0 ltr. 5-speed with a 3" exhaust. A roll cage, bucket seats, a custom console and dashboard as well as a driving computer with cruise control among other things were part of the car.

AMC Pacer was my rig one winter when I was in St. Croix in the US virgin Islands

1980 Datsun Pickup. This was towed behind the Ryder rent-a-truck from the east coast when we moved out here. I got tired of hauling all my stuff up and down the 30+ stairs to the Paris Fair loft which I had to do because I could not lock it up in the truck. So I built the "cab-over" cap up in the loft and then brought it down the stairs for installation

1985 ford van with my favorite Hurricane logo

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