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Kevlar Themed Sails

Here are some color options for Hurricane Sails. Ones with pictures next to them have been built for customers or are part of the demo program or prototypes. Where there is just a computer rendering – a sail has not been made in that color combination or I do not have have a picture of the combination.

As you will see the computer model shows a slightly different color than when the sail is on the water and where the sun is relative to when the picture was taken.

It is very easy to create computer-generated options for you when you are thinking about colors. The best thing is to pick out a couple of examples (number nest to computer generated color option) and we can work together to get a color combination to build your new sails in.

NOTE: The Kevlar material is only available for the Swoosh section of the sail.

K-2 Kevlar Erin Spaeth.png
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