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Hurricane Sails Throughout the Years

Douglas' first sailboat (sailboard) at age 3.

My first and second custom sails in 1980. Building these sails with my sailmaker father were lesson one for me in sailmaking. "Painted on" sail graphics, something I did on my own, were years ahead of their time.

First dvz built sail in fall 1984. Sailing in Teague Bay, St. Croix, USVI

The first Hurricane sail circa late winter 1985

3.7 Hurricane. Douglas won the 1987 Freeskate Nationals in Long Branch, NY

Ben Brayton on a Hurricane 3.0 in Rowena summer 1987

5.0 Hurricane on Ninigret Pond, Matunck, RI fall 1987

Largest and smallest Hurricane sail built. ~1.5 meter display sail built out of Gold Film Laminate for then Sailcloth supplier GTS

~9 meter RAF sail used for sailing on Crit D2 - for light air blasting.

5.0 Hurricane Frescating somewhere in New England winter 1988

Hurricane Super-Nuker Summer 1988 @ Home Valley, WA

Hurricane Super-Nuker summer 1989. Sail built with laser-etched holographic film in the upper center panel of the sail. Victor the "Inflictor" on 3.2 (below). Douglas on 4.2 (right)

2.8 Hurricane Super-Nuker. Built in ~ 1996 sailing in nuking winds in Stevenson Washington ~2018

Patrice Dubnick sailing on her '92 Hurricane 3.7 Super-Nuker at Swell City.

1998 Hurricane final edition 3.7(right) and 5.2 (left) - the precursor to the Eldorado.

2019 Hurricane Eldorado 4.2 @ Swell City

(C) Robert Stawicki Photograph

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